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Hey Friends! So, I want to start off by saying, “Come on in!”

I’m going to be slowly introducing you to different rooms in my home and how I decorate each. I always want my home to be a place that feels warm and welcoming. When you walk in my home, I want it to scream, “Have a seat, relax, and let’s catch up”!

My style has definitely evolved over the years, but I’ve always been a vintage/farmhouse style girl at heart. I love the simple white and gray color pallets. I could sit all day and dream of white farmhouses out on the prairie, with rocking chairs on the front porch and the glow of the sun beaming from the wheat in the surrounding fields. That scenery sums up the root of all my decorating inspiration, and that’s just the beginning. (Pillows from Target)

This corner of the living room has changed quite a few times in the last two years, but I finally have it just how I want it! (For now, at least…) This great Tobacco basket was something I happened upon from Kirklands! It really was a steal for the quality!

Mantles can be such a struggle at times, but this one was pretty easy from the beginning. It was perfectly pretty all by itself, so once it had a little extra TLC and a plant, it was breathtaking!

This old chair has to be one of my favorite finds! The casters make it! (I mean, who doesn’t love some old caster wheels) I purchased the ruffled, linen seat cover from a shop on Etsy. Let’s just say the original material on the seat is definitely not eye-candy. My favorite things in this corner though, are my daughter’s silhouettes. I love to just take a step back and admire their beauty. (They were purchased from the Silhouette Man, and boy is he talented!)

This antique buffet is also another favorite find! When I found this jewel, all it needed was some glass knobs for the drawers to match the era of it’s birth. Its so handy to have because it hides movies, books, controllers, the kitchen sink…. just kidding! I also made the magnolia wreath in this picture! It probably took me all of about 20 minutes total! No joke! Super easy! And better looking than any one I’ve seen with a pricey sticker on it! I will definitely be doing a tutorial for this one in the near future! Stay tuned…

I hope you’ve enjoyed some glimpses of my family room. It’s our favorite place to hang out!


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  1. Bailey I absolutely Love LOVE this blog! Your ideas are so adaptable for a novice or veteran decorator, your style is classy, fresh…& Fun! And I am Inspired!!

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