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Five Fun Facts About the Girl Behind the Blog

So, this post is a little different than my usual posts, but I figured that it was time to tell you a few things about the person behind the blog. Not that I’m really that interesting. Honestly, I’m a lot cooler online than in person. I just thought it would be fun! ┬áSo, here you go:

Five fun facts about me.

Fact #1:

I love Jesus with everything that I am. I was raised in a God-fearing home with wonderful, Godly parents. They taught me to love Jesus first and foremost and to share that love with others. They also taught me to turn the other cheek and to love others no matter what size, shape or color. This world is hard, but I can’t imagine how hard it would be without knowing My Lord and Savior!

Fact #2:

Family is LIFE. If I was given a choice any day of the week to go out with friends or stay home with my family, I really wouldn’t have to think twice about what to do. Now, I love my friends and need them daily, but my family is my everything. I would give my life for them over and over again.

Fact #3:

I love to workout and push my body to the limit. I have always been a little bit of a fitness guru, but my love for it has grown even more over the years. I am a certified fitness instructor and teach classes at a local studio. I also love running and lifting weights. So, pretty much, I love anything that keeps me active! And I love motivating others to be healthy and active.

Fact #4:

I am obsessed with “I Love Lucy”! I have loved it since I was a little girl, and now I have gotten my little girl to love it as much as I do. It’s our favorite tv show to watch together as a family at night before bed. And, with all of the junk on tv these days, I don’t have to worry about something questionable being in the next scene.

Fact #5:

If you didn’t already know, I love home decor and decorating! It’s my stress reliever, my therapy and helps me release my artistic side. My style has definitely evolved over the years, and there have been times where I’ve made some pretty bad style choices (goodbye burgundy and tin wall art). But, I have always had a love for old things. Old things just intrigue me and they all have a unique story to tell. I don’t have any kind of special degree in design, but I do feel like it’s a natural talent that God has given me. I have had lots of opportunity to use those talents in a variety of ways, and I feel like that has expanded my knowledge and taught me so much. I really don’t know where this road will take me, but God does! And that’s enough for me!

Thanks for stopping by! It means so much. Really, it does! We’ve been super busy so far this summer, but there are some really exciting posts coming very soon, so I hope you’ll stop back by! Ta-ta for now!

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