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I’m Gonna Swing From The Chandelier, Or Just Admire It

So, a while back, I really began contemplating about a new chandelier for our dining room. I absolutely loved the white vintage one from Decor Steals that I picked out particularly for this room when we bought our home, but I felt like it needed a change.

chandelier ourvintagehaven.com

I wanted to go for a more “French Country” look with a little more natural wood detail and maybe some black accents.

After looking around at a few different websites, I happened upon the perfect one from World Market. It’s a nice mixture between wrought iron and wood, and it has these beautiful wooden beads that hang from it. The size was also a perfect match! It’s slightly larger than the other one, which is good, because the height of the ceiling in this room could afford for it.

chandelier ourvintagehaven.com

I feel like it really opens up the space a lot more and allows more light to flow in.

chandelier ourvintagehaven.com

chandelier ourvintagehaven.com

Don’t worry though! The beautiful chandelier that was in here is finding it’s new home in another room! I can’t wait to show you guys where I’m going to put it! It’s going to look great! Sadly, every time the word chandelier is said in our house, neighbors from all around can here the sound of the song “Chandelier” by Sia being belted at the top of our lungs (at least we’re a musical family).

Next week, I’ll be taking a little break from the blog because my husband and I will be going on our 10 Year Anniversary trip! I am so excited to be spending some much needed time with him and just to get away for a few days!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you guys like the new transformation as much as I do! Xoxo

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