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Precious memories from a piano

This piano is so special to my heart.

It was my mammaws. When she was still living, she insisted on it being mine after she was gone. It’s old, it’s worn and there are some keys that like to stick, but it also has my Mammaw’s fingerprints all over it from where she would sit and play for hours. I love to picture her sitting there playing her favorite old hymns and humming along with the tune. Oh how I miss that precious, Godly woman. No matter what was going on in life, she was smiling.

She was left on the steps of the courthouse in her small town as a child. She was then put into an orphanage where God saw fit to save her and allow her to be adopted by a Godly family. God had a beautiful plan for her life! I loved when she would tell me stories about walking miles through the woods just to get to church! Her momma would have her there no matter what. God used that woman to encourage so many lives. .

He has a plan for all of us! And He will do whatever he has to do to get us to that plan. Praise Him, that despite our human efforts, His plans are always greater!

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