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I wanted to share a couple more of my finds with you from this past weekend and also share a little bit more about where we stayed!

I shared a blog with you earlier in the week about a couple of my finds and you can read about that here. My husband and I love to stay in Bed & Breakfasts anytime we have a getaway.

There’s just nothing like staying in an old home, enjoying the history of it and getting a homemade breakfast made especially for you when you wake up. We’ve stayed in a few different B&B’s in Little Rock, but this time we opted for one that we’ve never stayed in. And boy did we get a happy surprise! It was absolutely breathtaking!

There are several different rooms to choose from in the main house and then you can also rent out the carriage house. They have packages that you can purchase that even include massages and picnics in the private garden. This place is definitely a must see!

bed & breakfast ourvintagehaven.com

So, a little bit of history on the house, because I love some good history! It was built around 1880 by a very successful Saloon owner and gambler. He was Canadian, so at the time, our government would not allow him to build his home in a gated community. Well he found his own piece of land and built an extravagant house he did! As the innkeeper put it, he liked to “flaunt his money”! He built this house for a total of $20,000 which sounds like a steal, but not really, when you consider that houses were being built at this time for a total of $2,000.

bed & breakfast ourvintagehaven.com

Back to this man’s gambling obsession (which obviously he was very good at). As you probably already knew, gambling was completely illegal back then. So, he had his own secret card room built into his home where he could gamble at any time his little heart desired. Do you see that beautiful tower, in the above photo, completely surrounded by stained glass? Yep, that’s it. Completely beautiful and completely illegal. But, to the naked eye, it was just a work of art. And ya’ll, we were able to go in to that card room! It was so neat! So, as you can see, this place should definitely be included on your list of “must-sees” (if you have one of those lists, I can’t be the only one).

Now on to more of my finds from Vintage Market Days. As I said before, I love history and old stuff. And some particular old things that I like are blue bottles. There’s just something about them that intrigues me. I could sit all day and wonder about where they came from, what was in them, what they were used for and who drank from them. They hold so much history!! There was this one particular booth at the market that was filled with these blue bottles, so I picked out a few of my favorites to bring home.

bed & breakfast ourvintagehaven.com


bed & breakfast ourvintagehaven.com

Then, it happened. Something stopped me in my tracks. We are currently doing a few updates to our bathroom and I’ve been looking for something to hang on the wall above the lovely throne. Well I found it!  I knew it right when I saw it, and that I wasn’t leaving without it. It’s an old window with some lettering done on it and it’s perfect for the space!

bed & breakfast ourvintagehaven.com

I’m only showing you a picture of the window itself here because you can’t see it in it’s new home until I do the complete bathroom reveal. So, until then, this will have to do. Isn’t it cute though?  I’m currently working on several projects in my home right now, so keep checking back for updates! There are good things to come! Thank you for stopping by and listening! It means a lot! Have a blessed day!




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